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Government is good.

Big Brother is watching you.

The State wants to take care of you.

north Korea scares me to death. the fact that a place like that still exists in modern day. those people are prisoners.

1984 is here and now

this is too 1984 to be real

why the fuck have i barely heard anything about this shit? Why aren’t more people outraged about this? and talking about this? this is fucking horrible! Something has to be done it’s fucking 2014 why the fuck is this even happening

i have family in North Korea that no one has seen since the war.

Why isn’t anyone telling us about this?
I’m a sophomore in high school. Who gives a shit about The Second Great Awakening? What about this? What about the Korean Reich that’s strangling it’s own people? Why hasn’t anyone at least pretended to care? Fuck Beyoncé, fuck whatever is coming soon to theaters. Why isn’t the suffering of human beings the first headline in the NY Times? Why hasn’t my history teacher taken a moment out of the 53 minutes in our class to inform us? Why?


There’s no oil there to steal, so the richer countries of the world couldn’t care less.

no one is talking about this because no one is supposed to know this information

I did not know any of this. I am… beyond shocked. Sweet mercy. :’-(

No educator aside from a special few college professors will ever share these realities with you. And although these atrocities should be known of, we must also recognize the flaws within our own societies and selves that have somehow allowed us to miss the fact that these types of things happen all over the world, all of the time. It’s almost more frightening that we don’t collectively learn about (and act on) these crimes against humanity, than that they’re going on.

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Did ya’ll know the highest paid female CEO in America used to be a man? I mean seriously, go her. This is not an anti trans rant AT ALL. Martine Rothblatt (the highest payed female CEO) is truly a remarkable woman and her achievements are great. But is it purely a coincidence that, while most female executives are payed drastically less than their male counterparts, the highest payed amongst us used to me a man? I don’t think so.